About My Art

Artist Statement

First off a bit about my art. The only artist statement I have written that I like.

When my art works, it draws you in and lets your curiosity shut off your inner voice of doubt and insecurity. That voice that stops you from feeling what you really feel or think. Stopping you with incrimination that you will somehow get it wrong.

When my art works, you will stop stroking your beard. Stop using the three syllable words you learned in art history 104 class. Stop worrying about what your date thinks or that person you look up to across the room.

When my art works, you will feel, think and live for a moment in your heart. Purely with your heart. Not necessarily even with words but with that animal part of you that is more human than the rational part of you.

Some day I hope my art will work.

Art History


Seattle Erotic Art Festival April 23 - 25, 2015 Seattle, WA
Art Undressed Miami FL

Seattle Erotic Art Festival April 23 - 25, 2015 Seattle, WA
Dirty Show February 12 - 21, 2015 Detroit MI

Seduction October 26, 2014 Seattle, WA
Seattle Erotic Art Festival May 30-June 2, 2014 Seattle, WA

Seattle Erotic Art Festival August 2-4 2013 Seattle WA
Inducted as a Master of Erotic Art Aug 2, Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Seduction October 27, 2012 Seattle WA
Juror, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, 2012
The Art of Contemporary Shibari, March 16- June 3, 2012, Houston TX
Rochester Erotic Art Festival, March 30-31, 2012, Rochester NY
Dirty Show 13, February 10-25, 2012, Detroit MI

Okanagan Erotic Art Festival, August 31 - Sept 28, 2011, Lake Country BC
Fear No Art, Mark I Chester Gallery, Sept. 23rd- Sept. 25th, 2011, San Francisco CA
Seattle Erotic Art Festival May 20-22 2011 Seattle WA

Rochester Erotic Arts Festival March 26-28 2010 Rochester NY
Seattle Erotic Art Festival April 30 - May 2 2010 Seattle WA

Northwest Erotic Art Festival (Portland OR) Aug 6-9 2009
Rochester Erotic Art Festival (Rochester NY)
Seattle Erotic Art Festival (Seattle WA) Apr 30 - May3
Dirty Show X (Detroit MI) Feb 6-14

Featured Artist Stormy Leather Retail Store (San Francisco CA) October November 2008
Whatcom Artist Studio Tour (Bellingham WA) October 4 - 12 2008
New England Internaitonal Erotic Art Festival (Provincetown MA) June 6-8 2008 [Invited Artist]
Unclad (Stanwood WA) March 8-9, 14-16 2008
Dirty Show (Detroit MI) Feb 8-16 2008
Nude Night (Orlando FL) Feb 14-16 2008
Seattle Erotic Art Festival (Seattle WA) March 1 2008 [Invited Artist] 2008

Raven's Gallery Erotica, Seattle, Solo Show 2007
Steel Expressions Studio Bellingham 2007
Pooties on Grand Ave. Bellingham 2007
Raven's Gallery Erotica Seattle 2007
New England Erotic Art Festival, Provincetown, June 2007
Seattle Erotic Art Festival Seattle 2007
Night Light Lounge Bellingham "Banned in Boston" Solo Show March 2007
Cafe Culture 2 Views On th Nude 2 person show February 2007
Fetish Fair Flea Market Erotic Art Show 2007 Boston
8th Annual Dirty Show 2007 Detroit

Art At Large "Going Underground" 2006
Cafe Culture 2006 "Page 3 and Beyond" Solo Show
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2006 Seattle
7th Annual Dirty Show Detroit 2006

Salon deSade Seattle 2005
Mutiny Tattoo Bellingham 2005
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2005 Jurors Awards Best in Auction Runner up
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2005 Viewers Choice 3rd
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2005 Auction highest sale price

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2004

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2003 Viewers Choice 3rd

How I Price My Art.

I sell most of my art in signed numbered limited editions. Once in a while I sell something in an open edition. But usually in limited editions. I tend to start off with a fairly low price. Consider these factors, costs of making a print, submitting it to a show, paying a 50% commission, framing and matting and then not selling some pieces. I lose money on my art. That is before the cost of renting studio space, owning lighting gear and cameras. I do it because it is something I want to do very badly. I tend to price a new limited edition at about break even for me. as the edition sells I slightly raise the prices. That way if someone is looking at my art as an investment they have some support in the prices I am charging. However, investment is not a reason to buy art. Buy art because it moves you and you want it in your life. So consider buying my art. Buy early and buy often. Early will always save you money. And someday those editions may sell out.