Start Date: 
Friday, September 11, 2015 to Sunday, September 13, 2015
Start Time: 
2015 - 08:14
Adventures In Sexuality

Yes... it's a long ways away. But it's a good idea to save the date now! Cause this one's gonna be fantastic! It's a full hotel takeover event. Meaning - The entire event is a kink mecca... For the most part, you can wear whatever you want wherever you want! Cause 95% of the hotel is chocolate! Haven't been to an AIS COPE or Wicked? Well - Chocolate refers to dress and behavior. In a chocolate space, it is all kinky space!

Plus there is so much more. There is an all new presenter line up, New vendors, New furniture, all kinds of NEW! But it still has all kinds of fun, exciting and informational classes about all the kinky things you've ever wanted!

Cleveland , OH
United States
Ohio US