These images were in an installation piece I did for SEAF 2011. Each day 3 images were hung, each one had a stack of sudoku puzzles in front of it. If you could answer the puzzle you were entered into a drawing to win that print at the end of the day. The next day three new prints were hung to replace them. Each day there was an easy medium and hard puzzle and corresponding image.

The women in the images had a Sudoku puzzle tattooed on or near their pelvis. This was the same puzzle people had to solve in order to win their print. The idea was to represent what psychological evolution would do if it had kept up with our societies evolution. There is a theory of psychological evolution that states women are attracted to men who have certain traits like risk taking behavior because those traits were needed to get protein. If our evolution had kept pace with society what would female mate selection criteria be now. More than likely they would be filtering for higher logic functioning and problem solving skills, like Sudoku.

Clearly in our modern society the ability to write computer code is a way to secure a continuous source of protein in the home vs. hte ability to do dangerous things on a motorcycle. Yet according to this theory mate selection is still using the latter criteria. We also had an easy medium and hard puzzle each day. Just like many print publications to. That way you could self rate on where you stood on the mate selection priority tree. Some people spent as many as three hours on the hard puzzles. While each easy puzzle had over 50 responses a day, the hard ones had as few as one correct solution turned in and only as many as 3.