Twisted Windows

Start Date: 
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Start Time: 
2015 - 08:30 to 11:00

Time: Doors open at 8:30pm, performances from 9-10:30pm, stay and play till 12:30am
Place: Intimate theatre location in SF. Address will be emailed to ticket holders on the day of the event.
Cost: $30 per person, 21+, in advance only: Buy Tickets here

A unique & intimate evening of performance & play in San Francisco

Twisted Windows combines a scintillatingly sensual show with a participatory play event, all held at an intimate theatre location. Performances embrace more traditional manifestations of BDSM showmanship (with a focus on original & creative bondage/suspension), while also celebrating other expressions of kink and sexuality. Our select group of performers savor artistry & exhibitionism, bolstered by backgrounds in various performing arts (from dance to circus-craft to theatre to music).

What to expect at Twisted Windows:

Doors open about 30 minutes before the formal performances begin, and during that time several of our performers will present “ambient” pieces. We provide desserts, and there are spirited beverages available for donations. Our hosts and not-currently-active players will also be circulating with the hopes of getting to meet you! There is seating available during the performances, or space to stand if you prefer. We will have 7 performance pieces, varying from four to 20 minutes long, with a break of about 15 minutes at about the mid point. By the time performances wrap up at about 10:30pm, you’ll be warmed up and ready for the play portion of our event (or you’re welcome to continue to socialize and watch)!

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